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09-03-2013, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
Before we even hired Acton Stauffer was pumping the wheels. Eakins has dealt with him, so who knows.

It's not like they are giving Acton the job and it's not like there is a guy that is proven who is getting over looked.
I suspect Eakins and Papa Acton are about to discover for themselves that there's a big difference between the AHL and the NHL. Their bright boy might have seemed like a solid guy for them on the farm, but they're all in for a surprise if they think he's gonna be able to hold his own in the big leagues.

And speaking of unproven, I'm getting awfully sick of this organization's pathological obsession with rookies. No first overall picks on the roster this year so MacT had to feed the rookie addiction by hiring a big-talk AHL coach who's never won anything at any level? Oh, but he's a 'fitness freak" so, you know, I'm sure he'll do great.

Sigh. This club.

Oh well! Hope springs eternal! Maybe it'll all work out great!

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