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09-03-2013, 01:30 PM
Respect Patrik
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Originally Posted by fortheloveof666 View Post
Jesus christ, long-winded whining whilst putting yourself on a pedestal? Get the **** over yourself dude. And stop taking the internet so seriously.

In the grandest of schemes, if YOUR opinion - above all others - is so invaluable and important, you wouldn't be posting it for free, ad lib, on a ****ing hockey forum. I can only imagine how many times you slammed your fist on the keyboard with indignity because to you, the greatest point/truth sayer in internet history, didn't get taken seriously enough to satiate your clearly suffering ego.

Roll up that inferiority complex of yours and stuff it in your bleeding vagina and maybe you'll feel better.

PS- **** the Po-lice!
I will say that the first step to finding love out in the cruel world is to first learn to truly love yourself.

So, it appears this Balance guy is right on track.

(And must own a large number of mirrors and/or self portraits.)

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