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Hall deserves to be on the team, and I'd bet a lot of the hockey analysts think it too; just they're picking on what they think the team will end up being and using 2010 as a template.

2010 they really tried to have a "complete" team, brought checking guys along, faceoff specialist, tried to not have players play their off hand, and really tried to value existing chemistry.... and well it worked, they won gold... so they'll do it again

Same guys are running the show, means guys like Nash (bigger body) likely get in again (and Hockey Canada loves him for some reason) if I was picking the team, Nash may be left out... but I think he's a lock to be on the team.

Same with Bergeron, he's almost for sure a lock to be on the team.

They left Mike Green off (the best offensive D in the NHL at the time in 2010), since they wanted 2 way players.... guys like Letang, and Hall who are more offensively orientated could be out of luck for the same reason.

Seabrook was brought along because of his chemistry with Keith (Seabrook didn't deserve to make the team back then, he deserves to make it a lot more this time and he may not since Keith is penciled in to play with Doughty so he'd have to make it on his own merit this time and he's often being speculated as being left off the team),

again a guy like Kunitz doesn't deserve it, but they may bring him because of his chemistry with Crosby especially since last Olympics it's not like Crosby lit it up (with exception to the game winner) he wasn't as big of a factor that everyone was expecting (main reason I'd give the C to Toews, he's a leader and he LED the Canada team in 2010). So they may provide Crosby with someone he has chemistry with and works well with.

Guys like Richard and Carter are solid 2 way players, if they give 1st line LW to Kunitz (crosby chemistry), 2nd line LW to a C like Giroux... Hockey Canada may decide that a Richards/Carter type of player on the 3rd/4th line is more valuable than Hall, since they are vastly inferior offensively but are more solid defensively and can kill penalties.

Was Mike Green better then Seabrook in 2010... YES
Was a guy like Spezza or Stamkos or St. Louis better than Bergeron or Morrow in 2010.... YES

But Seabrook, Bergeron, and Morrow made the team since they could fill in roles that Hockey Canada management wanted them to fill... If it's the 14 BEST Canadian forwards that make it, Hall would be a lock...

but they will use the 2010 gold roster template and will pick players to fill in roles on the team and that means Hall is not a lock to be on the team. Hall may have to be a top 6 Canadian forward talent-wise to make the team... and if they want to bring Kunitz to play with Crosby, there may only be 4 other top 6 forward spots for offensive guys like Giroux, Hall, Eberle, Tavares, Stamkos, St. Louis.... Hall and Kunitz could be fighting for one spot on the team.

and if they give a top 6 forwards spots to guys like Nash, Staal, Neal, Getzlaf, Thorton, Toews... there may even be fewer spots.

-I know my "expected" Canada team would be a lot different then what the team I'd personally pick would be

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