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Hey, I thought I replied to your Private Message but I got no reply back from you. I tried to send you another one, to finish off what I was saying but it said your inbox was full? Idk... anyway whatever the reason was for no response the conclusion of what I was saying still holds true.

You told me your basic schedule today consists of
1) An Isolated Routine- One day you do Chest and whatever and the next day you do the other muscle and the next day you do the other.
2) No Leg day- For some reason 90% of your routine was all legs and you admitted saying it was because hockey skating and practices will cover the legs.

Well, I am sorry but I cannot agree to any of this for hockey training or most sport training what so ever.

I mean first lets get to the immediate point at #2. No leg days? Every sport involves legs, yet every elite athlete still has a self routine that consists of a LOTTTT of leg exercises. Especially hockey players. Hockey movements simply can only take your leg strengths and flexibility so far. Doing other movements such as weight lifting, running, sprinting, other sports can target other important areas that you may not notice to be important at all.

The legs are the most important piece of your body in hockey. The best players are the most conditioned especially in the legs and you should focus a lot of your weekly routine in training them. Off and on ice, in and off season.

#1. Workout however you like. Its important that your just always working hard on your body and mind and I am glad your focused on something. But I try my best to show the importance of a full body routine over isolated work outs.

Try your best to focus on REAL Olympic Weight Lifting training. Real Plyometric work outs. Workouts that involve multiple joints and multiple muscles.

Having a whole day for your shoulders and a whole day for your biceps seems pointless to me especially as a hockey player.

That is why I said to look into Cross fit style of training and living. Even if you dont join their gyms, they have free videos and free internet guides for all to see and you can take a lot from them. If not crossfit, look into bootcamps or total body fitness stuff.

train like an animal. Meaning, never leave the gym or your work out regretting a single lift. Always break barriers and limits

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