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09-03-2013, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Capitlols View Post
It comes down to RG3's health and it may take him a couple of weeks(or longer) to be his normal self. If they don't run as much of the read zone/pistol it will expose this Oline for what it is and Polumbus will get someone killed.

Outside of RG3, we lost our starting LE, backup DE, and Merriweather's health is up in the air. We're already thin at the Dline and the secondary, and another injury would make the defense a huge question mark again.
Our schedule should allow Griffin to get into rhythm without too much difficulty . Our 1st 6 weeks, Philly, @ Green Bay, Detroit, @ Oakland, bye, @ Dallas. I'd be shocked if we don't get 3 wins there, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we got all 5. Of course knowing the Redskins, we could win 1 or 2.

What makes you think they won't run the pistol? The Shanaclan has said that will be a staple in our offense. This OL is good for what it is; a ZBS running team that establishes the run to set up play-action. The Air Raid or Power O we are not, and we don't need to be. Agree 100% on Pylon-bus, he is atrocious and we will need to have a RB or TE help him out on every pass play. If Trent goes down, cancel the season.

With regards to the DL, Jenkins has been a disappointment, with Golston, Baker, and Merling all looking better this preseason than Jenkins did at anyone point last season. It is only preseason, but Jenkins hasn't looked like anything more than a 7th rounder since his knee injury. Whose our back-up DE that we're missing, or did you mean Jackson? Cofield and Bowen looked dominant this preseason, and our LBers were consistently getting pressure in the backfield. Very interested to see how Haslett uses Orakpo, Kerrigan, and Jenkins. Also, I'm not counting on Merriweather staying healthy, which is why I said a key for us was to have just decent safety play rather than the abysmal effort last season.

I agree that the key is for us to stay healthy, but that can be said for every NFL team. Every NFL team is 1 or 2 key injuries away from not competing. I just think we are deeper and healthier than every team in the NFCE, and our schedule is fairly favorable.

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