Thread: Rumor: Gagner New Captain?
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09-03-2013, 05:38 PM
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Jimmi Jenkins.

If reading wasn't a requirement for writing I would say you can't read.

Are you just trolling, or u serious bro?

"I'm not though. To equate the Gagner detractors to the people who are supporting him by suggesting the arguments they're crafting are on them same level is frankly just an out and out lie. It's a lie on it's face. The people who are supporting him are suggesting reasonable things, maybe of the post of detraction aren't of the same realm, it's Not close."

So your saying your right and everyone else is wrong. In that people who think Gagner stink are terribly wrong and people who think Gagner is awesome are perfectly right?

Gagner is not elite. He has obvious holes to his game. Just because someone else notices these faults, and dislikes his play disproportionally because of them, does not make them wrong. No more so than people who see Gagner's strengths, and love his play disproportionally, makes them stupid.

"Yes Hall is a better player on the ice, but you Assume a lot of the rest. So your own preconceived notions create this narrative, which may or may not actually exist. It's a flaw in your personal bias."

My quote you just somehow read and reposted without understanding: "We can only guess and speculate at the rest of the intangibles."

We as fans can only see the on ice product for which Hall is obviously very very very very superior. If you are suggesting Gagner would make a better captain because of the intangibles that you are assuming he possesses... Well then, I think we should all bow down to your wisdom and intimate knowledge of the situation. That is sarcasm btw.

And if you are assuming that the Islanders organization does not have a player besides Tavares of the captain type quality level of Gagner... You are one of the more biased homer/gagner posters on this board. Which is saying a lot.

There are literally well over 100 captains that have been picked over the years to be captain primarily but not solely because of their on ice leadership/production.

I would rather we took that route than going off the board and hoping for the best.

This is a preference.

I also think Smid, Eberle, and Ferrence would all make better captains than Gagner. But if Gagner was picked as I have stated before I would think he would be an ok captain as well.

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