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09-03-2013, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
Pretty much what everyone except Hervey and Rhodes were thinking. Even the people under some bizarre illusion that Reed's wretched game management last year was a result of Tillman living in Saskatchewan had him on a short leash.

So we get our doors blown off in the season opener and extend him right then and there. Absolutely one of the strangest decisions I've ever seen.
If I can read, or reed, between the lines here I think its clear what went on with that.
The org detected some restless natives and players that perhaps weren't entirely behind the head coach incumbent. I could even name names. It really is that clear. To quell this unrest a rookie GM makes the rookie mistake of saying to any potential mutineers; "look, this is who's captain of the ship, get bloody used to listening to him, and following his direction because nothing is changing."

Well indeed, nothing changed, and this ship is capsized, with more players now not on board and mutiny fullblown. This is a crisis point. We lose players if this continues. Players that won't bother being back if they have ANY other options.

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