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09-03-2013, 08:33 PM
Beat that $%^& Bryan
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Marrian Hossa: Very soft spoken and shy. I worked at a gas station and he was filling up, when i said he had a good game last night he turned beet red and wouldn't make eye contact. This was early in his career though

Mike Fisher: Had my hair cut beside him when he was a rookie. THe hair dresser asked him if he was a hockey fan, when he said yes she asked him if he was a sens fan. When he said yes she asked him if he went to many games, to which he replied "all of them, i play for them" she didn't believe him and said she never heard of him when he told her who he was.

Really nice guy, met him a handful of times after that.

Saw Christoph Schubert getting head in the public hot tub of a hotel i worked at. That was pretty funny, just gave him his space.

Was at a Denny's once and almost the entire tampa bay lightening were in there. Dave Anderchyuk was drunk off his ass, my buddy couldn't stop talking about who he was and that he was so close. Kept bugging him about an autograph and he looked very uncomfortable. When anderchyuk went to leave after the game he saw us smoking near the exit and went out the other way. My buddy laughed it off and said something about how he was washed up, and some chick walking by called him a *****.

They won the cup the next year.

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