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01-13-2004, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by stanley
No they won't. I've been around here too long to expect that.

I split time between Elkton, Maryland and Wilkes-Barre, PA. I caught the game in Wilkes-Barre last night on Comcast, but I can't get CSN Philly in Elkton despite standing about 300 yards from the Delaware border. I'm lucky enough to get CSN Baltimore-Washington.

Thanks for the short review, Mountaineers. Specifically, can somebody fill me in on the Therien spear, Gagne fight, and Roenick misconduct?
Therien did indeed spear the player, but it wasn't vicious. I believe it actually hit him in the groin, which made it look pretty bad, but not a throw a player out of hte game type play. Therien was livid, and according to Sabres fans, who generally have good mics that pick up quite a bit of sound, dropped a large amount of f bombs which was enough for a good laugh. As I already wrote about the Gagne fight, it wasn't one, the Comrie altercation had more punches thrown, but at least Gagne dropped his gloves. It was similar to the Handzus Snyder altercation last year. Roenick got high sticked for the second time this game and was spilling blood, and decided he had enough. He skate by Angus who he was giving it ot hard and looked lik eh spit blood at him. He then threw a water bottle at him. On the Empire feed he gave a post game interview and dropped quite a few F Bombs, calling the league a ****ing joke, ripped Angus apart, and is probably due for a suspension. Basically, the team imploded in the third, and needless to say I am rather livid at Hitchcock for not even attempting to send any sort of message. It annoys me when a guy like Fedoruk gives all he can and improves his play to be an 8 minute guy and plays 3 minutes when a team is getting blown out, while a guy like Brashear who plays with no physical edge anymore plays 3 times as much.

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