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Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
Jason Clermont is not impressed.

What's with the Oilers and the Eskimos over the past seven years? Do they get off on absolutely destroying their reputations and ******** on their glorious pasts?
Just to be clear what investment would Jason Clermont have in this? I like the guy as a player but um, you were never an Eskimo, why concerned?

As to your latter question it isn't unheard of for successful companies or orgs to hit doldrums DUE TO having pronounced success for an extended period. The trouble with such orgs is that as the world changes they fail to adapt as well as upstarts and the world in effect passes them by. Mostly due to the dynamic where so many diehard blowhards figure they have tenure with the orgs to the end of time and can be captains of the ships that hit rocky bottom after rocky bottom. As long as the consumer still buys the product. Nepotism at its finest.

One of the curses of untold success is an org infested with blind avarice that believe, even years or decades after glory, that they still know best, and know better than anybody else. For the Oilers the indelible moment when idiocy was well on display was Fraser sitting in Cancun drinking Maitai's as the orgs chief scout and Sather picking Steve Kelly at the draft while all of Rexall was chanting Shane Doan. A decision that this org has suffered with ever since but moreso because they've been incompetent ever since. It was blind avarice then and I said so. The org had entirely lost their way and their acumen was less pronounced than any 6yr old kid with a hockey card that could pronounce "Shane Doan". It was beyond stupid, it was incomprehensible.

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