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Originally Posted by Red Deer Rebel View Post
Let me stop you there.

You are usually very "concerned" and very "negative" about any number of team officials, or athletes, in any number of sports, when posting on these Boards.

For example, we could replace the name "Hervey" with the name "Ricky Ray" in the above quote, make a couple of small adjustments, and we would have:

Now, isn't this something we've all heard before?

Well, since Ray left here, he has clearly demonstrated to you and his other detractors exactly why he had support from the majority of fans. He has built a Hall of Fame resume, won a championship, and put up outstanding statistics in every respect, as he throws one dart after another.

You have made hundreds, if not thousands of posts of following this template, so I fail to see why you continue tooting your own horn as if you are some sort of savant.

When you post this much crap, eventually you are going to be right some of the time ...

... but most of the time you are wrong, as in the case of Ray.
Well, you chose to read whatever you wanted into that so knock yourself out. Ray has done well since leaving, not like he would've here. I wanted Ray gone. No surprise there. Does this mean I'm wrong on everything? Just wondering.

Finally, on the topic of the Oilers and Esks being negative hasn't exactly been hard to fathom has it? If the clubs were any different, my posting would be too.

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