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09-04-2013, 01:04 AM
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Just got back from the game in Kemptville tonight and thought I'd share my innitial first impressions with everyone. Overall I thought the game was pretty entertaining to watch. The final score was 4-1 Kingston unfortunatley, with Konecny cashing in on Ottawa's lone goal on a break away during the 2nd period i believe. The first period for both teams was fairlly sloppy, but thats to be expected this early in the season. For the most part Kingston dominated the
67s, except for maybe the final 10 mintutes of play. It wasnt hard to tell that Kingston isgoing to be a fun to team to watch this year. The likes of Mckeown, S.Watson and especially Bennett impressed the heck out of me. Its obviously early, but it wouldnt suprise me at all to see those 3 players go within the top 15 picks in this years draft. Matt Spencer really played well also.
Anyways, back to the 67s. Even tho the team didnt dress its full lineup(Blandisi, Fielding, Bell, Middelton and AAA all didnt play) and the fronts did, you can already tell it could be another long season for the 67s, the younger defencemen really struggled with the speed of the Fronts and often had a tough time connecting to the forwards with solid breakout passes. In the early going after Kingston took the the 2-0 lead it was really starting to feel like last year all over again lol Depending on whether or not Monahan returns this season, I could see this team struggling in the goal scoring department as well. Although I also could most def be wrong with that assumption. The offensive potential is there, I just dont know if theres really enough fire power to actually be able to out score the other teams, especially if the goaltending doesnt hold up.
Here's my brief breakdown on how a few of the players looked..

Konecny - Played very well for his first ever game in the OHL. Competed extremely hard every shift and even got some PK time where he ended up going down n 2 separete occasions to block shots, which of course got the entire bench fired up. Offensively he showed very well too. His excelleration is amazing and also posseses a wicked wrist shot which was evident when he scored on the breakaway, sniping one short side on the goalie Helvig before he could even react. Its going to take a little bit of time to adjust, but once he does, look out!

Salituro - Wasnt his best game, but certainly seems like he's gained a step or 2 over the off-season. I'm hoping for at least at point-per-game from him this year, and I think he's more than capable.

Hill - For a player who last year at this time was considered a potential top 3 rnd pick I was expecting a lot more. Seemed unable to keep up with the speed of the game and didnt show much of a physical game for a guy his size either. Although once again its early so we'll wait and see

Gustavsen - Looked confident out there and like Salituro, seemed like he's mproved his skating/speed slightly over the summer. I think maybe 40-50 pts from him this year if all goes well.

Dulong - I liked him last year,and this time around he seems like another guy who's improved on his skating over the summer. 4th line center this season, with ideal 3rd line center potential in the future. Played hard in this game.


Lintuniemi - Liked what I saw for his first game. Showed decent poise with the puck and made some excellent breakout passes. Also played physical which was nice to see. Looks like he drastically needs to improve on his footwork tho.

Slaboda - Just based on what id already heard about this player i wasnt really expecting that much, but after tonight i was actually more impressed with Slaboda's game than I was with Lintuniemi's. Like Lintuniemi, also needs to work on his skating but showed better puck skills and more offensive potential than his european counterpart. Will need more time to adjust.

Guy - Really liked what I saw from him tonight actually. Very smooth with the puck and showed some great poise on PP and on breakouts. Obviously size is the biggest issue with him which limits his overall potential, bt I'm glad to see he's still on the team and has improved so much.


Windsor - Kingston apparently had 50 shots on goal and the fact that only 4 of them went in has to be considered somewhat of a good start. Although im saying that, Windsor looks exactly the same as last year as far as his rebound control and always seeming to be out of position. We shall see I guess.

Anyways, those are just some of my thoughts. Anybody else make it out to the game?

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