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09-04-2013, 02:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Master Lok View Post
You're reacting with your emotion, not with your head.

Wait until the offseason and you might have more coaching options to select from.

hire Paul Lapolice now, and you're stuck with him. If you're not convinced he's the best choice in the summer, then the esks might as well wait.

It's not going to make a difference either way to this season's standings.
Nonsense. You fire his incompetent ass now. Should have fired him weeks ago actually. Hervey should be gassed as well. Have one of the assistants be interim head coach. It cant get any worse than it already is, unless of course you keep that embarrassment called Kavis for any more games, then it could get even worse.

With the interim guy, you may find a diamond in the rough, something that works and someone the team responds to. If not, then you hire a new guy in the off-season. Its a no lose scenario. Kavis said there has to be consequences. So there should be consequences. His numerous questionable coaching decisions and poor/lack of understanding/gameplan late in games has cost this team wins. He HAS been the reason for this team losing games. Plural. You cant carry on one more second with someone like that.

Hervey should get the same treatment. Hard to figure someone could come in and be worse than Macaroni and Tillman but he has done it, and by a fair margin. One win. No wins at home. No return game. Again. Poor offensive line. Again. Not only that, but the one good thing about the team (defense) has looked atrocious, even worse than the offense. How does that happen? I wouldnt pay to see the garbage that is being served up in Commonwealth. Not sure why anyone does tbh. Staying away will mean that changes will be made in a hurry. Not doing so probably means more of the same. ie Oilers.

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