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09-04-2013, 03:39 AM
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Originally Posted by aufheben View Post
But the goalie's team obviously affects Wins more than SV%.

The statistic least effected by the goalie's team would by default be the best statistic to judge by, no? Hasek never had a 40+ W season in Buffalo (37: '97, '01), but as soon as he goes to Detroit he gets 41 ('02).
I get the logical argument for using wins: The goalie only has to perform good enough for the team to win, everything else is basically unnecessary.

However "how much it takes to win" differs greatly between teams and individual games and how much is required isn't something a goalie can control.

The Quality starts stat that I mentioned upthread is therefore the new stat that proponents of wins should turn to, i.e. games where the goalie gave his team a chance to win.

There does however occur an anomaly on poor teams where a lower QS% is actually preferable (assuming the same Sv%). Since the team is bad they more often than not need an exceptional performance from the goalie to win, so a regular QS will usually not cut it. A goalie with a lower QS% but the same Sv% has more awful games, but also more exceptional ones and will therefore likely win more games than the high-QS% one.

To summarize: A good team needs a high QS% from their goalie, while a bad team wants a high Sv% goalie with lower QS%.

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