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Originally Posted by SNIPE View Post
wow someone is jaded, ND turn you down ? just kidding. don't freak out. Yes they build character, if you think this is a **** school check the stats.
No, actually just the opposite. Once again.....the question of how they build character? We visited the school, so from a former student or a parent of a child attending...please inform me! If your answer includes living in a dorms with rules of when you get up, and go to sleep....scheduled homework times, scheduled meal times, and chores that if go undone there is punishment of more chores. If these are some of them I really want to know.

And as for your comment to dickie that Sask doesn't produce nothing, here are a few things we do produce....more grain, more oil, more potash, better private schools, and way more character and class.(don't freak out).

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