Thread: Rumor: Gagner New Captain?
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09-04-2013, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by T-Funk View Post
I don't know. The Pronger type personality is the reason why many people don't want Hall to be captain.
Hall has a Pronger type of personality? Who are these many people that don't want Hall as captain?
I'm not sure where some of you get this stuff from about Hall's supposed immaturity and now he has a Pronger type of personality unworthy of being captain according to MANY people? Oh good lord.
It's funny how some of you act as if you know these guys behind the scenes, mind boggling actually.

Anyway, i don't really see the argument for Gagner being captain. Think about it, how many captain's are second tier, relatively unproven young players signed to a bridge contract? The captain is either one of the best players on the team or a veteran who has been through the wars. Promoting a player like Gagner to captain would be an unprecedented move.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I wasn't referencing that. I'm just saying game ready shape. I'll be straight up here. Eberle is the worst for it. But I don't know that either RNH or Hall have been in peak condition and using best possible work out regimen either. Krueger hinted at it last year and singled Gagner for praise multiple times and using him as an example in so many words of what the club wanted the core players to be doing.
Are there any quotes about Hall not being in game ready shape while Gagner is some work out demon far and above everybody else?
I agree that the anti-Gagner stuff gets out of hand at times but the stuff being said about Hall's character and work ethic in this thread are just as bad.

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