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A successful start by Patrick Powers et al!

Originally Posted by cishockeyfan View Post
it was about 2 years ago I believe when Troy Ryan was hired, and I made the comment that it would be extremely difficult for STU to go out and try and rebuild and attract players from major junior with good scoring potential that averaged about a point per game in their CHL career. And by just going after Maritime Junior League players that had some statistical success in that League would not cut it, cause despite success stories like Justin Bowers and Laclahn MacIntosh fact is more often those players have a tough time finding Success in the AUS. Their best shot was to get some strong physical players from Major Junior, and make their team extremely tough to play against and than once they establish that, they will be able to add the scoring touch year by year.

This is exactly what Pat Powers seems to be doing and thats really nice to see. In Past Seasons, while UNB may almost treat a STU game like a hard practice scrimmage and come out with an easy 8-1 or 4-0 win, now install a bit of fear into your opponents that hey we may have a good chance to win tonight, but its gonna be a hell of a battle and we are going to take some beatings in the corners.

Good Start Pat Powers, Best of Luck to STU, things are already looking up
It is too early for me to be calling for THE BREAKUP OF THE TOMMIES but this is CERTAINLY a start in the right direction.

This combined coaching staff are a complimentary group who have gone to battle with a number of successful Tommies teams in the past and will do so again.

All three coaches were legendary in their Tommies hockey history's as well as in their respective professional careers and fans can expect "a new Sherrif in town.

I have already booked my first appearance for Tommies hockey.



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