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Originally Posted by ilovetheflyers8 View Post
I think the point was that the team could've just signed Carle for the money that the team signed Streit for (maybe for a year or two more in length but if he got a 5 year contract it would end the same time as Streit's contract does) and the defense could've been in a better position last year.

I think it is interesting to think about as Streit apparently isn't so great defensively and there is the possibility of him declining over the next few years, and if that happens it will be hard to trade him (though the team can hold on to some of his cap hit). I don't recall if signing Carle last season would've gotten in the way of re-signing anyone or not. Taking Streit's contract in mind I might not have minded re-signing Carle, though Streit will likely bring more offense than Carle would have. However, I'm not particularly upset about it either, maybe Streit won't turn out well but at this point I'm fine with the team's roster.
Yeah that is pretty much what I think the point is. As others have pointed out ..this argument has gone full circle and the same people seem to agree to disagree. Having said this I still say allowing Carle to go on the open market which drove up his cost in money and term (the latter being the worst) and then trying to fill the obvious void with the three stooges of Gervais, Huskins and Foster was a really dumb miscalc and did effect the team especially when you have Lavi saying they lacked puck movers last year in a recent Q&A with Panaccio.

Getting Streit was basically Holmgren's way of righting a wrong, which he is synonymous for doing, but it remains to be seen how much more effective he'll be all around compared to Carle. Streit's contract is not exactly great and especially the term. Yeah maybe he doesn't have a lot of wear on his body but his age is still his age. This is a similar argument we heard with Pronger when he was acquired about how well he took care of his body but it didn't take long for Pronger to start experiencing all sorts of injuries after his first season (knee, back, wrist, etc) and of course his unfortunate career ending injury. Obviously, Prongs had tons of miles but again you reach a certain age (30's) and you are just more susceptible to stupid crappy injuries.

Anyway, the point is that Streit is essentially Carle's replacement and he was needed just as Carle was last season. You can argue that Carle wouldn't have made much of a difference last year but I'm not so sure about that. I'm sure Lavi if he didn't have to be PC would have said he was very important to his system. Same with Jagr...not like Knuble and Gagne were all that great as replacements especially when you had Hartnell, G and Voracek saying how much of a postive influence he was to them personally and the team. is the Q &A

Laviolette wants to see more mobility, more offense move from his defense now that Mark Streit is here. We’ve already seen what a healthy and confident Erik Gustafsson can do in that regard, and Laviolette is hoping his progression will be aided by watching someone like Streit on the ice, who’s done it a long time in Europe and here.

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