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11-15-2006, 03:46 PM
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I found this on modsquad concerning 3 shafts
Z-Bubble description

Easton was the first company to perfect the ability to taper the dimensions of a shaft. By tapering the shaft towards the blade, they were able to lower the ''kick point'' of the shaft. The lower kick point provided a shaft that was more accurate and had a quicker release. Where the ''Bubble'' concept came in is with the addition of their proprietary Parabolic Focus Flex Zone. This zone allows Easton to taper the shaft down (and achieve the desired low kick point) and then widen back up to accept a standard blade. This allows the player the widest selection of blades and awesome performance. The Zbubble is of course compression molded (the highest quality method of construction) with cutting edge aerospace materials. The 100 flex on the Z-Bubble is stiff and designed for larger, more powerful players. The 85 shaft is perfect for ''the rest of us'' and also makes a great roller hockey shaft. The tapered shaft design also reduces the torque on the shaft to give you more accuracy on your shot.

AK27 description

The overall design of the AK27 is that of a Low Kickpoint standard shaft. The AK27 utilizes a compression molded process (the highest quality method available). The composite layers of the shaft are designed to place the kickpoint as low as possible on the shaft. This allows the AK27 to do two things: 1) There is very little torque or twist along the shaft when the blade strikes the puck. This keeps the puck headed the direction you intended. 2) The release becomes lightning fast. Think the end of a whip popping. The puck comes off like a bullet out of the barrel of a gun. One thing that you will find with Warrior sticks (just like the old Inno's) is that they are extremely consistent. Warriors reject guidelines are twice as strict as any other stick on the market. This applies to the stiffness (yes - EVERY AK27 shaft that comes off the line is tested for stiffness). So when you get in an 85 - you can be sure that it's right on the money.

XN10 Red Lite description

The composite material in the XN10 Red Lite is an amorphous carbon material that is more damage tolerant than standard carbon on impacts. This makes this shaft more break resistant from slashes than most other top shafts. In addition, the XN10 Red Lite has a better compression to failure ratio than Aramid fiber. Therefore, it has the ability to achieve the same flex and flexural strength with less weight and function, where normal carbon would fail. This allows the XN10 Red Lite to survive more hard slapshots than most shafts. Besides the light weight and outstanding durability, the Red Lite can deliver a really hard shot. Its low kickpoint design focuses the flex towards the bottom of the shaft, reducing torque in the blade thereby making your shots more accurate and powerful.

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