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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Carle is only needed if we have a Pronger to pair him with. Not that great defensively because he can't handle strong competition, and the team scored at a lower rate when he was on the ice because he's easy to defend. And, he can't QB a PP. He has one dimension, a pass. That's not worth it for me.

Edit: He certainly did nothing to help TB's defensive problems. If anything, their fans describe him as part of the problem.
So you preferred the defense by committee of Gervais, Huskins and Foster to make up for Carle's minutes last season? You also believe Streit is a better option even if his D isn't exactly anything better than Carle and he is older and has a contract that is not that great either?

Whether or not you thought he wasn't worth signing in the long run (especially at market price that Tampa gave him) doesn't change the fact that he would have been far more effective at the least than that trifecta of fail last season...

Now if Streit matches or beats Carle this season and beyond which some may expect then this argument becomes a moot point of sorts.

Again..I was by far not his biggest fan either but I just don't understand the total hate for the dude so much so that people actually thought that those 3 losers we had to fill his void with were a better option..yeah maybe to miss the playoffs and assure us a high draft pick....that I will agree with. far as the Tampa fans lamentations..again that was based more on his pricey contract and terms that Tampa gave him..kind of similar to Bryz. He still was their minutes leader although some will say that was a problem in and of itself and maybe the coach getting fired attested to that......again I think Carle gets way too much scrutiny. He is a good player but yeah his market price that Holmgren allowed to happen ultimately made him not worth it but it did come at a cost to the Flyers last season at least despite what some people think...

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