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Originally Posted by MrOiler View Post
I think Dubnyk would only be considered if he had insane numbers and all the goalies invited to the summer camp were injured and/or laid an egg during the first 3 months of the season.

Hockey Canada seems to need a body of work before they invite you (except for a young rookie or two - for exposure reasons). He looked good playing in the WC for a couple of games last year, but it's not much of a body of work.

I think that he's so off the radar that it would take a pretty incredible first 3 months of the season.
Bergeron played his way onto the 2010 team without a summer camp invite. It isn't out of the realm of possibility for Dubnyk to do it.

And really right now Canada's #1 goalie if most people were asked would be Loungo.... America's #5 goalie most people would say is Schneider (Quick, Anderson, Howard, Miller). There #5 beat out our #1.

I think most people agree that Dubnyk is in the 11-20 range for goalie depth in the NHL.... how many Canadians would be in the 1-10 range? maybe zero.
Sure there's a lot of Canadians likely in that 11-20 range but a strong showing he will move up....
Niemi and Bobrovsky are likely considered in the top 10 goalies right now and last year they'd have started on the outside of the top 20...
if Dubnyk puts up numbers near the top of the league, he'll be considered a top 10 goalie... and like above, Canada may not have a top 10 goalie in the NHL right now so he'd most likely be a lock for the team then...
and even if he improves on his numbers from last year, there's a solid chance he can still make it since Canada doesn't have the depth that US or Finland have.

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