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09-04-2013, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by quat View Post
How goalies should be treated is a topic a Canucks fan might be careful opining upon. heh.
Why's that exactly? If anything we're well versed in the school of 'how not to handle goalies.'

Although I do think our troubles with goalies is overblown. Cloutier was awful and should have been replaced, but by all acounts the team loved him and it was harder than it seemed. Before that was a revolving door (a lot of teams go through that for several years) and before that was Captian Kirk and King Richard. Then the Luongo trade and the immaculate development of Cory Schneider. The drama came from having two top end goalies in a high pressure market. Gillis didn't handle it very well, but I don't it think it compares to calling your self a playoff team and annointing James Reimer your starter when you're out in April. That's 'how to ruin a young player' 101. They must earn it.

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