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Originally Posted by Barbara Underhill View Post
He is a power forward, not all power forwards have mean streaks. Within each classification of player type there are sub categories that better describe players, a generalization usually leaves people questioning a player label. Need to delve deeper.

He's an easy scapegoat for Columbus fans, I get that and it's understandable. Nash is a star player, not a superstar, another false classification. Maybe it has something to do with fans having too high of expectations? I don't know but he's certainly an above average player (substantially so, in most regards) who uses his body to protect the puck and drive the net (power forward-esque) while not being a total catastrophe without the puck, who isn't a big checker or vocal leader. That's fine he doesn't have to be a leader we have several, he has an edge but uses it at the wrong times and isn't effective when he's agitated. Doesn't happen often but it does. I'd like to see him hit more, but then again we have plenty of guys that are more effective at that.
Guess I should be writing this down. So, delving deeper, who would you say Nash compares to? I don't think your take on Nash is consistent with the expectations he's had during his career; you're underselling to make him less of a disappointment.

Your generosity is inspiring. I won't say Rick Nash scores the majority of his goals in garbage time, but it's not Columbus scapegoating to call him out for being overrated. Your resistance to label him a superstar is saying something, because he's been described as one by a lot of people his entire career. I think he's soft, a pretty boy who gets by on physique and talent. I've been watching the guy almost 10 years waiting on him to get mad and lead his team, and it hasn't happened yet.

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