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Originally Posted by Stizzle View Post
Yeah, ok dude. The guy doesn't do anything well anymore. He isn't bad at anything, either. He's just kind of there. Contrary to popular opinion he doesn't create any offense anymore. Also, he can't finish many of the prime scoring chances he is presented with. He does find open ice for scoring chances, just does nothing with it.

Unlike you, I've actually gone back and watched many games from last year. My eyes aren't deceiving me. He is a really low end NHL forward. Tale off your 2005 Gagne jersey and accept that it's 2013.[/QUOTE]

Who the **** are you to tell me what Ive watched and haven't? I've probably been watching the Flyers before you were born. Gagne is still a solid player and I think he could still pot 20 goals with this team while being a great mentor on the third line with Coots. He's also a better two way player than most of our forwards too, and he'll give our younger forwards another year to develop in the college/juniors/Europe.
Cool story, bro. Congrats on watching the Flyers before I was born. I'll mark Gagne down for 20 goals then.

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