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Originally Posted by nabob View Post
On ice save # = checkmate Sergei

How could I possibly argue against that amazing advanced stat.

Kadri will our score SS over the next 3 years. Bet the farm on it. Kids a gamer who is able to improve his weaknesses.
Well considering on ice s% is basically a measure of luck. Youd be saying you think Kadri basically defies the fate all other regular NHL players. Its a huge indicator of how many assists (and even goals) youll get, based on the likely hood that the puck will go on in the net while your on the ice.

Every season only 2 or 3 regular players (over 30 games) have on ice s% over 11 and only 1 or 2 top six players have that high on ice s%. Each one of those players regresses (OIS % and most often point totals to) to the mean the years after, at a shockingly high rate (like nearly every player except Crosby)

His point totals began to take a hit near game 30 and continued to fall into the playoffs, was he facing tougher comp? or fatigue? or luck was running out?

Not only that but his s% was is also un sustainable at 16%. Look no further to Eberle for that arguement.

Hockey is a game with a large component of luck, every player is subject to the ups and downs, no matter how much of a gamer they are

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