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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
Burke would never have been able to clear out Lowe if he had been hired by the Oilers, general managers typically aren't given the power to fire their bosses. Same goes for Ken King down in Calgary who is president of the organization.

Lowe has a job until he decides to retire, or Katz fires him.

I have to feel bad for Flames fans though, they think they are going into a rebuild(hypocritically hoping for it after trashing the Oiler's for their rebuild for so many years), and then they might hire the guy who hurt Toronto's rebuild with his own impatience
Ya maybe it was a pipe dream. But I just wanted Lowe gone. It appears MacT has been able to act independently thus far.

Its always funny to read how the Flames rebuild will be soooo much different than the Oilers or Chicago or Pitt or Washington, like Feaster found some magical rebuild potion he is yet to unleash in which hell find elite talents in the 5-10 range and then trade for elite players and then sign elite players to great contracts and all is good in 2 years.

I never "cheered" for losing, but I was always a realist and knew that rebuilds are like cough medicine, the more gross it tastes, the better off youll be. And trying to excel the rebuild is extremely counter productive. There are very few GMs I would have trusted to try and speed up the rebuild for the Oilers in 10-11. because speeding up a rebuild means large gambles and need for a talented GM

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