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09-05-2013, 02:46 AM
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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
Perron for MPS was a great trade no matter who was or wasn't traded. Perron and MPS played the left side... not seeing any direct correlation as to why that trade has relevance to Hemsky staying or not.

As to "spin"... whatever... I see it as MacT not wanting to give away an asset for essentially nothing since the market obviously isn't there for a $5 million dollar injury prone player. So he goes back to Hemsky and they talk candidly about his role on the team going forward (which has obviously changed) and Hemsky apparently accepts that now to a greater extent and knows he has to work on aspects of his game as well.
Sure there's some "spin" there... but life has dealt lemons in this situation so MacT and Hemsky are trying to make some lemonade out of this.

It could end being a solid move when a few months down the line Hemsky is putting up good numbers in a 3rd line offensive support role with some occasional PP time... plus if an injury to other top 6 forwards occurs... he's literally one of the best replacements you can think of to step up and likely seamlessly fill in (unless of course Hemsky gets injured as well... but you've got to think eventually he's gotta have some luck that doesn't have the word "bad" in front of it).
Hemmer is being a good soldier and will make 5 mil this year for his troubles. But anyone actually thinking that Hemsky is excited at the prospect of playing out of the top six and limited PP time is kidding themselves.

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