Thread: World Cup: 2014 Qualifying (UEFA) Part II
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09-05-2013, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Shrimper View Post
I went with the first teams squad as presented by Wiki. Every team has players in their youth teams that could play but they're not good enough yet.
I doubt most of the players you listed are "good enough" if you consider the alternatives at their position. The only teams that have a decent trio of U23's in the first team are Arsenal and Man United.

The players I listed could all be promoted to the first team if PL teams had to meet a quota. They all played for Chelsea in preseason (except for Brown) and could hold their own. However they have to develop and rushing young talent can also ruin their careers.

If you are a top team in Europe, it's not easy to field young players in your country without jeopardizing your chances of success.

Let's take Barcelona, Real, Juve, Bayern and Dortmund for example. How many U23's in their first team from their respective countries start week in week out?

Barcelona: Tello? Sergi? They barely start games.
Real: Isco is the only realistic option who can start a game. Carvajal, Nacho, Rodriguez, Morata and Illarramendi are all depth players.
Juve: None that I can think of.
Bayern: Kroos, Müller and Götze. Others are depth.
Dortmund: Gündogan

So not that many. I do agree that it's ridiculous that sometimes an English PL team will field a whole starting 11 without and English player in it (Arsenal comes to mind a few years ago).

The most important thing to do is to develop at the grassroots level and improve academies. Then we can talk about enforcing stricter quotas on the homegrown rule.

Why do you think teams in France, Spain, Germany and Holland don't have problems finding young prospects? Because their academies are top class. Hell even Belgium's academies have managed to produce top talent.

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