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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
There where other things that were problematic with Dubinsky.

He obviously micromanaged his own game and changed it to benefit himself and not the team.

I followed Dubi in the WHL and the AHL before he made it to the NHL and saw him change. Early in that time frame, he was a pesky fearless agitator, and it was with that style he was successful with Avery and JJ.

After that, for a year or two, he tried to be a player he was not.

He recovered somewhat, but a lot of water had passed under the bridge so to speak.

Dubi is currently a bit expensive, but I like him as a player don't get me wrong. But, he definitely had some issues.
The problem with this argument for me is that when we drafted Dubinsky he was a 5'10 165 lb. version of Darcy Tucker (Dubi was voted the most hated player in the WHL if I remember correctly)--which is fine but over the next three years he turned into a 6'2 210 lb. player. He had a major growth spurt. That along with JJ mentoring him once he hit the NHL for good. He went from the pesky agitator kind of style more to a power forward style once the Rangers put him on Jagr's line. You could see him mimicking Jagr's style which worked really well with Jagr on his line and not as well when Jagr left. But the growth spurt and the realization that he was bigger and stronger player is why Dubinsky's style changed and to a degree I think he was relearning how to play the game--which wasn't completely successful.

I've never really seen him as a selfish type and he would wade into battles for other teammates even though he's not a particularly good fighter--except when he's fighting Mike Richards. He doesn't strike me as all that mature--somewhat a follower more than a leader like Callahan, Staal or Girardi though he usually played his best in the playoffs.

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