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Originally Posted by Barbara Underhill View Post
You're probably right, my take on Nash isn't consistent with the HIGH expectations people put on him. Whose fault is that? the players? I don't see why, who calls him a superstar? fans? Why do they label him that? Because he was a 1st overall pick, and the only legitimate talent CBJ drafted that they didn't mishandle and send packing?

Who did all that overrating? It certainly wasn't NYR fans, he was drafted and played his first 10 seasons in Columbus. So my guess is they might have had something to do with it? If that bothers you take it up with your fanbase, because it's simply not my fault.

My resistance to label him a superstar means nothing, he isn't a superstar. Again, who has described him as one? He has only had a few seasons that you would consider him one, if he returns to a PPG player this year maybe I'll open up to the idea a bit, but the fact is he hasn't produced consistently at that level. Although his production hasn't gone down every year, another fallacy thrown around HF. It has only decreased 3 times in his career based on PPG production, twice after his two best seasons by a modest amount and in '11-'12 for obvious reasons.

If you want a comparison as far as value to a team and overall game look no further than #10 for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Obviously they play two different styles, but they are both offense first guys, and can both be responsible defensively. Nash is less of a perimeter player than Gaborik and a little less institutional IMHO. Neither are overly physical except Gaborik tends to avoid it, Nash is more visible when he isn't scoring goals. Gaborik has out produced him over their careers but only by about .05 PPG.

Your personal feelings about Nash make it seem pretty obvious that you're decided on what kind of player he is, so I don't really understand why you're asking me.
Based on your description of Nash it seems ridiculous for Sather to give up so many assets for such a non-superstar.

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