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Originally Posted by Henrique Iglesias View Post
Why drop Homeland? Pretty excited for the new season.
I can't handle the suspension of belief needed to let so many things slide that would never happen the way they are depicted. The show is based in a real world setting and has attempted to establish a very 'real' manner in which it conducts intelligence and security but then so many perfectly aligned things happen in just the way they need to without an ounce of reality of how security would be handled in these major situations and it drives me nuts. Maybe it's supposed to as part of the draw but it grinds my gears and I don't think I can handle another season of it. I could go into detail about the many jawdrop moments that get pushed to the side as if officer Barbrady himself were directing the show but I won't. I'll just say shows like GoT that are based in a mystical world where anything can happen are the ones that get a free pass on the suspension of belief card, but modern day dramas using real world scenarios have to abide by the real world rules. It's probably the same reason I can't watch crime dramas like CSI because I know the real world isn't just a DNA swab away from Ah-Ha! moments where the mystery is solved without so much as a mis-step or two to build drama. It's like a corn maze with no dead ends.


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