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09-05-2013, 10:03 AM
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In addition to the post I made in the last thread (didn't reply before it was closed down)

Jonathan Bernier has been a back up his entire career, whether that is warranted or not it's still a fact. He was just traded to Toronto, who has Reimer which makes it still a position where Bernier isn't guaranteed the starting job. So how Dreger and these "powerful people" think he is going to earn the starting job, and put up the needed performance to supplant veteran starting goaltenders before the team is chosen in December is laughable.

It really shows that while Dreger has his connections and what not, he throws **** at the wall and hopes it sticks just as much as some of the other wieners you hear from. I cannot possibly believe he honestly thinks Bernier is going to play himself onto team Canada with so little experience and such a short period of time, perhaps it's something to take the heat and attention off his cousin's poor management of the cap and RFA's? Although I don't feel it worked very well if that's the case.

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