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09-05-2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
Which is what? That he is a respected NHL front off ice guy that can get deals done? He's had hits and misses but he's a smart guy that is not afraid to make that bold move that our current gm talked about.
Bold moves during a rebuild, especially at the start, is a horrible idea.

What bold moves can he make with the current roster?

-Trade picks- dumb and backfired
-Trade young talent- dumb and high chance of backfire
-Trade vets like cammy- less dumb but less risky and less chance of messing up. Burke was success at trading vets.
-Trade fro reclamation projects- risky if you get stuck with bad contracts. If not not taking on a big contract, the pay off is likely low

-Sign overpaid FAs to large contracts to come play on a bottom feeder. May work out, but hinders their ability to sign young talent in the futue
-Sign average FAs in hopes they improve. Sounds sweet, but difficult, and Burke has shown he cant do this.

Bold moves should only be made for teams with an established core, but needing some tweeks.A bold move would have been trading our 2013 1st or 2014 1st before those draft years. Because we could have afforded to take the risk in order to get other pieces to compliment Hall/RNH/Ebs. A doumb bold move would have been to trade our 2010-12 picks or trading those young guys we drafted for established players. Bold moves during a rebuild is prone to backfires. So yes, go ahead and make bold moves.

If the Oilers traded Eberle for MSL after his rookie season that would have been a bold move, and we might have made the playoffs this year if we had. But is it good for the long term? no

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