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09-05-2013, 10:50 AM
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I need to vent this out, and I know we've got some lawyer types around here, so maybe there's some advice to be found....

So this man (I struggle with allowing him that) is a degenerate gambler who steals 600k and owes an additional 400k+ in taxes he didn't pay throughout that period. He owns, along with his wife, land that's worth well over a million dollars, so they work out a deal where the victims of the theft buy the mortgage, are entitled to the sale price of the land, minus 250k for his wife - who is innocent and doesn't deserve to lose everything. The deal instructs that they don't criminally prosecute him. However the realtor is a moron, doesn't respond to inquiries, and the place is no closer to selling than it was 6 years ago. Everybody is in a holding pattern, and there's no good reason to expect anything to happen about this in the immediate future.

The husband is also a domineering bully. He doesn't work for 6 years, racks up credit card debt in his wifes name (though it can be identified as charges he made) and generally refuses to help her out with anything, bills or the debt. Eventually, she threatens to leave enough that he finds a job - and the first thing he does is con his new bosses out 6000 dollars on the sale price of a truck. They run a fledgling business, need trucks for said business. He found the truck (listed at 10k) and tells his bosses that it's listed for 16k. They agree, give him the check, he pockets the 6k extra and gives them the truck. He also, thanks to a computer error at his bank of choice (RBC), cons his way into his own chequing account, which he hadn't been allowed since being caught and losing his license to sell insurance. He immediately returns to gambling.

The wife decides to leave, allowing that he owes her over 15k (in reality, he is the primary contributor to a debt of over 50k)- but this number has been figured out from more tangible means (4k he stole from his wifes mother, specific charges, etc). If she doesn't get this money, she figures she will be in debt for the rest of her life - be forced to work into her 70's and have nothing at retirement besides a pithy work pension (and we all know how much it's safe to count on those).

Now, here comes the County in which they reside. They want to dig up their land for some pipeline or some such thing, and they have to pay the landowners for it. The husband immediately ingratiates himself with the county employee who's job it is to arrange this payment, cons him somehow into splitting the cheque into two cheques. Knowing that his wifes leaving him, he wants to refuse her his half - which would be the lions share of his debt to her. Again - this is free money that he only needs to gamble. He has almost no living expenses - power, heat and car insurance - that's it. It's also safe to say now that he makes more than her. His job nets him around 3k a month and he makes trailers on the side (illegally and shoddily) to the profit of thousands of dollars each. He's made five in the last month at least.

He and his wife haven't been speaking, but the wife has been waiting for the money from the County. Today, he told her he got his half three weeks ago and smirked in her face as she cried about being screwed over again. He told her that she needed to move out, or else he would consider every utilities bill he pays as payment against what he owes her. She has paid this bills for six years - six years after he revealed that he stole hundreds of thousands and was a gambling addict while refusing to get a job.

I know the law is a more subtle thing, but would anyone with any experience about divorce court or contracts court be able to throw some advice into this? The wife is seeking a lawyer out today.

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