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09-05-2013, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by GreatKeith View Post
You are dodging the question. What decent veteran goalies has Burke acquired for any of the past teams he was employed by? And if khabibulin is so bad, why did Chicago pick him up?
Chicago was smart enough to realize that Khabhy was an average backup and signed him to an appropriate contract which reflects that.

The Oilers brilliant management team thought Khabby was a starter and over paid both in dollars and term.

Thats the difference between a good management team and a bad one.

Thanks for illustrating that.

Lowe isn't the greatest but Burke hasn't had a team make the playoffs while he was still employed by them in a number of years. It took 3 years for the leafs to make the playoffs in a hopelessly incompetent eastern conference.

But suddenly he's going to turn the flames around super quickly with exactly one stud prospect.
Nice dodge...what has Lowe specifically done?

As for Burke....the impact of the Sedins et al on the Canucks is self explanatory. He turned them from a bad hockey team into a playoff team in 2 years. Into a contender within 4 years. This was all done in the pre cap years when it was a lot harder.

He has also won a cup as a Manager something Lowe has never done.

Burke has had some warts on his resume (some of the Toronto moves deserve scrutiny) but what GM doesnt have a few warts on their record.
Overall he has an excellent draft record and he has managed contending and cup winning teams.

So based on that I think the Flames made an astute hire today.

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