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01-13-2004, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by mark0v
it's incredibile how people here greet everything rds is writing in derision ;re-read the article and realise that is exactly saying what you said yourself ;''Souray had a GREAT GAME '', and , yes, how many defenseman have scored 6 points in a ,that he deserved to win the title of the player of the week....

there is nothing wrong with that , in my sens...but because it's RDS...
i am sure that if rds would have not said anything about it , that you would have probably accused them of being only pro-french ...
First thing, I don't turn everything RDS says in derision, I am on this site everyday to read newest article they have, but that Sheldon Souray one was just gross.

he says that Souray should get the player of the week, he got six points in one game, we're not talking about player of the day here, we're talking about the whole week, he didn't put as much points on the board as Iggy, that's it that's all. I mean, I can accept some ''chauvisme'' by RDS.

Like the puck being shot on the post is a wonderful save by Theo since a couple of years. I can accept that, that's just funny. Another example of that is SidneyCrosby whatever he does is just spectacular (****ing chris, one game he fell down and they said he had good awereness the way he fell down, anyone else would have hurt themselves)(well, maybe i'm making that one up :p , but anyways according to Rds everything the poor kid does is just amazing, i'll give the kid all the credit he deserves, but not credit for everything. It's annoying, but I can let it go

Now, what Pierre Houde does there is completely critize the NHL for making the wrong decision because it should be our mtl canadiens player getting the award. Well, Souray was rather impressive in that game, but over the week, someone else came up on top. Too bad.

Should he get the Norris? hey come on, at the end of the year he'll probably be the only D with 6 points in a game. He needs to get the Norris!!! Why won't he get it? Cause it's an award that looks at the best player over the whole year. Same goes for the Player of the week. It goes to the best player of the week, ence the name player of the week.

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