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Originally Posted by newerabegins View Post
Your presumptions are false because I started squatting two weeks ago so I'm working my legs now and I already feel more explosive as a result.

Other then that, I don't do isolated workouts. I always work two muscles during my workouts. Biceps/Triceps on one day, Chest/Back on another day, and Shoulders + Legs(just recently) on another.

I'm only doing one leg exercise for now because it's the best one for hockey(IMO, and others seem to think so as well) and because I just started working my legs. Eventually, when I can do like two plates squatting or something, I'll probably start leg pressing as well.
My presumption of you not doing leg day lies within my private messages of you clearly saying I dont do legs lol. And I am glad you are doing that. Squats, snatches, lunges and clean and jerks are all basic necessary work outs with weights.

And as I was about to write about start doing 1 leg exercises, I continued reading your post lol. Good stuff. Look up Adrian Peterson work out btw. That is a guy who is ridiculously explosive and fast. Yet I mention him because of his work ethic. Hes not a guy who says Im gonna do 3 sets of 10 reps of so and so weights and then next exercise. He will literally sit there doing 1 leg squats of increasing and decreasing weights until his legs are pumped up to the max. And it has nothing to do with HOW MUCH WEIGHT. He clearly states that he did 700lbs max in college for squat. Now he likes to do 400lbs because he can do more reps and its more important in this matter.

As far as the isolated workouts go. I would suggest you go to the gym and do 2 big work outs (ex. Squat, deadlift, bench, snatch, jerks etc) and then after that you can do anything and everything you want. Do more research on your own for full body over isolated especially in terms of hockey training. You wont see the best hockey players going to the gym and splitting their routines into biceps and shoulders or whatever. It doesnt pay for us. Were hockey players. We use our whole body, so train our whole body as one. Be functional. But whatever, do what you wish

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