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09-05-2013, 12:55 PM
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I will be picking it up on Tuesday for sure. I play club games with some guys I know and I joined a GM connected league like I did last season.

love the changes so far. The new puck chop is a great step to making a true sim game and the hitting while over the top at times is a big improvement. The new fighting engine is a lot more fun as well. They also improved back-hand shots which should add to the realism.

As for the Predators I always use them but the past few years the game has been so heavily based on speed that it can be hard at times. For some reason many of our players are underrated in that stat imo. this year I think speed will be less of a factor at least if the game is close to how the demo played. The mack truck turning for D-men seems to be gone and the strafing is really improved.

They are going to need to work on goalies some with a patch I think but aside from that the game looks amazing. Can't wait!

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