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09-05-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by SK13 View Post
I count 3 years, 9 months - not 5 years.

And if we compare timelines, we see the moment Calgary acknowledged their need for a rebuild (more vaguely than the Oilers did) was February 2013 - with the assertion that Iginla was on the trade market.

6 months and counting. Are the Flames going to be a bonafide playoff team in November of 2016?
December of this year will be 4 years....the end of this season will be almost 5 years as I stated. It looks to be over 5 years before this team is a legit playoff team based on the current trajectory.

Only in the world of Oilers management and apologist Oiler fans (not saying you are) does it take that long to be a bubble playoff team.

I think MacT can speed that up and I also think that had he been in the GM chair since the beginning the team would likely be better than it is right now. MacT is the only saving grace on this Management team IMO. I just dont know if he alone can off set the sheer amount of incompetence that currently exists.

I am willing to bet the Flames do it a lot quicker than the Oilers will.

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