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Originally Posted by Moose Coleman View Post
That's specious reasoning. A lie does not become truth by virtue of multiple tellings or by the fact that no one says "hey this isn't true."

That's not to say there's absolutely nothing to it, but there's also probably more to it than "he's lazy and DGAF." I mean, honestly: the guy has had two bum shoulders and a busted foot over the past four years: do we really expect that a guy who has been that banged up should be out there giving 110 per cent in practice?

Don't get me wrong I wouldn't call it lazy, but the guy has holes in his game. Eakins likes hard work and guys with good work ethic. Is he going to like guys that don't put in the time to work on these issues? It's not just Hemmer either. I'll pick on Gagner as I usually don't, but lets say he is at 43% on the dot after game 15 and RNH is fine. Does Eakins start cutting Gagner's faceoff time and start giving them to Gordon because Gagner doesn't stick around and work on this flaw?

Hard work or lack of work will only effect so much, but guys like Gagner, J.Schultz Yak, Hemsky etc.. always want to play a bigger role they don't put in the practice they might not get it.

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