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09-05-2013, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
You think the Oilers are deep at centre? Why is it that you are so intent on pointing fingers instead of scrutinizing the holes on your team?

In terms of elite talent I would be concerned about the Flames next draft pick if I were you.
Also, as MV pointed out below, Bärtschi is very talented and has the potential to be an Eberle equivalent IMO.

That said...since when are you in a position as an Oilers fan to point fingers at other organizations and their lack of success?

That seems to be your only role on this board. Does this make you feel better because the Oilers suck so bad?

I would rather the Oilers improve and start actually competing for something other than the lottery.
I'm not sure where I said the oilers are deep at center. I will say however that our top center is a lot better than Matt Stajan whether it be Gagner or RNH.

I would argue that your role here is to praise everything that goes on in calgary while decrying anything that happens here.

The situation in calgary is so remarkably similar to ours a few years ago. Is Baertschi talented? Absolutely. Will he be an elite forward? Perhaps. His last season wasn't much to write home about though since it was shortened due to injury. We will see what this season holds. Nothing is set in stone for this franchise but I think it's safe to say this is a lottery year for the flames.

I am hardly the only person on this board that mocks the flames. I don't approve of everything the oilers do either but I am pleased with what MacT has done this offseason. I also praised Feaster for doing what should be done this offseason: minor tweaking.

That doesn't change the fact that the flames are still a weak hockey club with many pundits predicting them to finish very low in the standings. Not does it change the fact that they should have torn down the team at least two years ago.

The fact we got a better return for Penner than they did for Iginla should say enough.

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