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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
Ha ha...'s not really about hate from my perspective at least. I don't hate Gagne at all. However, I do dislike the Flyers recycling former Flyers who are essentially past due all the time.

I just don't understand the continued hype with the guy and the amount of deference he is receiving when in the last 3 years or so he hasn't shown much of anything. To me it just seems like nostalgia.

Moreover, what people should be excited about is this....

...hey if Gagne can win his spot so be it. It's good that the Flyers are taking a wait and see noncommital approach with him...not that they have much choice until they can place Pronger on LTIR..but still.
I haven't seen much over hyping of Gagne, just people who think he can score @ 15 goals and has a better IQ then any of the young guys at this point. He still skates really well, knows where to be on both ends of the ice and is never out of position.

They have a young 20 y/o center trying to find his game so why put a 19 y/o out of position on his wing?

I like McGinn as a third line grinder especially in their conference but he isn't going to give you any more offense and he isn't nearly as good defensively.
I am not going to cry if Gagne doesn't make the team but if he is healthy he can be a huge asset for Coots on the 3rd line.

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