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Originally Posted by Bruce Wayne View Post
If nobody already answered this...

In Season 4, Walter concocted a way to get Jesse to turn on Gus and join Walt in order to kill Fring. Walt decided to steal the Ricin cigarette and make it seem like it was Gus who found out about it and took it, and then the result of that was Brock (Jesse's girlfriend's son) getting poisoned and nearly dying. Except it wasn't the Ricin. The poison came from a plant called Lily of the Valley, a flower that is shown in Walt's garden. Jesse only just figured out what Walter did.

And just wait until Jesse finds out that he watched Jane die. And did nothing.
Can't wait! My gf and I didn't want to watch any of season 5 until it was almost over because we watched the rest of the show on netflix over the course of about 2 weeks.

My gf keeps arguing with me and her mother about rooting for Walt. She keeps saying how can we possibly be pulling for him with all the bad things he's done, but I'm still on his crazy side. Apparently Vince Gilligan is going to make sure that no one is on Walt's side by the end. There was an article where he basically said he didn't want Walt having fans because he is such a bad person

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