Thread: News Article: Odds The Oilers Make the Playoffs?
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09-05-2013, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by djdub View Post
Does the top 8 in a conference still always mean playoffs, after the realignment?

I haven't done any research, but with the new playoff format, it could be the top 7 plus 9, no?

The way I see it, unless one division is substantially weaker than the other it will always be the top 8 teams. For it not to be the top 8, wouldn't a team that is top 3 in the weak division have to have less points than the 2nd wild card team from the division sending 5 teams?

Is that possible?
No the way it's set up now the top 3 in the Pacific make it and the top 3 in the Central make it and then it's the next best two teams regardless of division. So you can potentially have the Oilers finishing 5th in the Pacific division and as long as they finished higher than the 4th team in the Central they would cross over and end up playing the Central division winner and be part of the Central bracket for the first two rounds. I hope that makes sense lol

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