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09-05-2013, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by ChipAyten View Post
It'd be great if you only paid for the channels you wanted. $5/mo for the family of ESPN networks, $1/mo for TNT, $1/mo for CNN etc etc. But I'd presume the providers would lose a ton of money that way.
If they were forced to offer a la carte pricing, you would pay A LOT more for the popular channels. You'd probably pay $25/month for the ESPNs alone, probably $10-20/month for TNT/TBS, $20-30 for MSG/MSG+/MSG2, $15/month each (maybe more) for SNY and YES. Things like the History channel, Discovery, TLC, you'd pay $5-10/month and so on.

Yes, I have over 1000 channels, most I can't even name let alone watch. However, I am not really paying for those channels.

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