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09-05-2013, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
I think the only way we begin to get what we deserve as consumers is when we get directly (or as close as possible) from the content provider.

I've invested in a Sharp Aquos [always liked their product] but now with as a 'smart tv' with a computer built in. Haven't had the chance to completely figure out all my options, so I'm momentarily still on TWC. However, I understand for $80 yearly (plus you need your own wi-fi which I get scrambled from Netzero, like $50/month) you can get basic stuff plus through Aereo.

I understand some options exist like Hulu/Netflix, etc.
If we can go through the web, that might be best long term deal.

Any one with ANY experience/ideas in this regard, pls share.

My wife and I have looked into dropping TWC. I bought a smart tv in august. However, currently there is no way to get live sports. If you buy the sunday ticket, for example through an XBox, the local broadcast is still blacked out. Not sure if the hockey package is available through XBox, but Rangers games would be blacked out in NY. If you live elsewhere then it would work. I already tried using one of the streaming sites through my smart tv, but it didnt work. Got on the site, clicked a game, but when I tried to choose the link, I received an error message saying I did not have enough memory.

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