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09-05-2013, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
Edmonton had a -9 goal differencial.

Calgary a -32. In only 48 games...

One spot in the standing but a far cry from "almost".

But you are a bit correct. The Oiler's should be further ahead than they are.

Rebuilds take time as you are about to find out, but I think Edmonton is a full year behind where I though they would be.

I don't even want to think about what another bad year would mean.

Realisticly speaking the Flames are in year one of a 4-5 year rebuild, they "shouldn't" be catching the Oilers in that time.
Let's also keep in mind that the ECHL roster wasn't for the whole season, you did have JayBo, Iggy and Miikka to carry the squad until Feaster was told (let's not assume he realized on his own) that his team was no longer good enough to compete.

As for the points on the Oilers being a year behind on the rebuild, I would agree with that. This is what happens when you change coaches on nearly a yearly basis and wait too long to actually begin the process which should have really began the second Pronger left town. Calgary now gets to see what its like when you wait too long.

That being said, Burke will be good for them and will stop Feaster from making all the silly mistakes.

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