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When was he inducted into the HHOF? (pre-consolidation players)

I know many of you think that looking at the order of HHOF inductions is a worthless exercise, so feel free to ignore this. But I think that it can be a worthwhile view of what the hockey establishment thought of these players long after they retired.

I'm separating the pre-1910 generation from the 1910-1926 generation because I think there was a sense that guys who played earlier maybe should be inducted first. Whereas, on our list, most of us are going to take into account the fact that the 1910-1926 generation was drawing from a much larger talent pool than the pre-1910 one, which was drawing mostly from the Ottawa and Montreal metro areas.

I'm also combining the 1945 and 1947 classes for two reasons: 1) the 1945 class was composed entirely of deceased players, so 1947 was the first chance living players had of getting in. 2) the HHOF's official website may contain errors in which players were inducted in 1945 and 1947 (this has been posted elsewhere, and is basically irrelevant here if I'm going to just look at the two years together).

Keep in mind that the 1961 and 1962 classes were huge, and full of earlier-era amateur players.

*deceased at the time of his induction

Pre-1910 centers/rovers

1945/47: Dan Bain
1945/47: Hobey Baker*
1945/47: Russell Bowie
1945/47: Frank McGee*
1950: Harry Trihey*
1961: Frank Rankin*
1961: Oliver Seibert*
1961: Bruce Stuart (on his deathbed)
1962: Steamer Maxwell
1962: Billy McGimsie
1962: Marty Walsh*
1962: Harry (Rat) Westwick*
1962: Fred Whitcroft*
1965: Blair Russel*
1965: Ernie Russell*

1910-1926 centers/rovers

1945/47: Frank Nighbor
1945/47: Cyclone Taylor
1950: Newsy Lalonde
1950: Joe Malone
1952: Mickey MacKay*
1958: Frank Foyston
1958: Frank Fredrickson
1958: Dick Irvin* (had just died in 1957)
1958: Duke Keats
1959: Jack Adams
1973: Tommy Smith*
1974: Tommy Dunderdale*

Bernie Morris was never inducted to the HHOF, but accusations of being a draft dodger during WWI may have played a role.

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