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Originally Posted by InglewoodJack View Post
Asked this last page, but for anyone at JMSB, how is taking COMM 308 and 305 at the same time? The way I switched into commerce, I kinda have to do it.

Also, how is COMM 215 online compare to in class? I had a bad teacher and I could only switch to the online section, but I'm considering getting an override to an actual class.
I'm not in JMSB but since you asked twice for an answer, I'll give you one.

Managerial Accounting and Intro to Finance aren't easy classes(from what I heard) but it also depends how many classes you're doing. If you're doing 4, then no prob. If you're doing 5 then try to put a little more effort(assuming you have no choice).

FWIW, at one point I took 18.5 credits in engineering in a single semester and at the time it ended up being the best semester I ever had. Sometimes it gets you in the zone more when classes require more effort. It's a corny answer I know but since you have to do those classes anyway, you might as well be positive about it. Best advice is whatever you do now, you don't need to do later.

Statistics is whatever. I do ENGR stats and I assume it's like 80% the same if not 90. I really don't know. Honestly, if you have a decent book, you don't even need a teacher. If for some reason you don't get your override just show up to the classes anyway and pay attention this way you don't need to redo the work yourself later. Just avoid quizzes, midterms and wtv for that section. You end up paying less and having 2 different sources. This is really only if online isn't your thing and you're forced into it.

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