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09-05-2013, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
I love Gronk, but I was surprised you took him quite that early. I thought you could have gotten him a round or two later. Very risky pick, but could be gold. He was winning every single week for me last year in my local league, and then I went into the toilet after he got injured.
Well, I almost waited to take him in the 5th, but I wasn't confident he would have lasted. So I decided to take a guy who in a couple weeks could ideally be back at being the #1 scorer at his position, instead of a Tier 3 WR2. I figured it better to attack, take the better player and hope for the best.

But you are right, I he may have lasted a round or so later. I realize Illinihockey said he was going to take him in the 3/4th, but he was picking behind me at that point, so he was out of the picture until I would have come up in the 5th, so it was really all the guys in the 1-5 spots picking twice I had to worry about. I wonder if TorMenT would have grabbed him in the 5th right before me instead of taking Witten like he did...

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